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    Remove full drill path from chart label


      We have a dashboard that shows a pivot table and a chart that has a drill for a location. The top level of the hierarchy is the region (i.e. Asia/Europe etc) and we can then drill down through various levels down to a city and then a building. The customer is not keen on how in the charts when you drill it shows the full path, concatenating each of the levels together and would prefer to only see the lowest level of the hierarchy that you have expanded to. So for example instead of seeing "Europe United Kingdom Aberdeen" they just want to see "Aberdeen".


      We need the pivot table to link to the chart automatically so cannot use a hierarchy in the pivot/chart instead as that means the user has to drill in 2 places as the drill on the pivot doesn't "talk" to the chart.


      I am aware this is the standard functionality of OBIEE but I'm interested to see if there is a workaround for this that anyone has used.


      We are on version