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    Using Presentation Variable in Dashboard Prompt


      I want to use a presentation variable in a SQL expression to set the choice list values of a dashboard prompt.


      The requirement: one prompt on one page of the dashboard and it needs to be used in a second prompt on another page. The two prompt are from different subject areas. Thus I can not use the option "Limit values by" for second prompt.


      I tried a simplified case where both prompts on the same dashboard page. The environment is 11G. Here are the steps:

      - Create a column prompt 'Employee Login' and set to presentation variable 'EmpoyeeLogin'.



      - Create second promp 'Name' and set Choise List Values as SQL Results. For the SQL statement, I put the following

      SELECT "Employee"."Employee Name" FROM "Sales - CRM Pipeline"  WHERE "Employee"."Employee Login"='@{EmployeeLogin}' FETCH FIRST 65001 ROWS ONLY



      I am not getting the desired result with these expressions. The choice-list values of second prompt seems to return all the values for employee name. I searched on this topic in oracle community. It seems several people have similar question. But I could not find an answer.  Where am I going wrong? Can I not use a presentation variable in a where clause in this manner?