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    Oracle Forms 12c Autoskip to the TEXTITEM after the next




      In 12c (only starting from Develeoper directly) works correctly the Autoskip functionality by the Forms Item (Property= Automatic Skip to the next field, if the full length data entered in the item).

      In 12c starting on WLS (WebLogicServer) after entering full data in the item the FOCUS doesn't skip to the next field, but to the AFTER the NEXT field.


      I have 4 Items defined all with Automatic Skip=YES:

      (Starting directly from Developer 12c)       OK:                                       Item1 -> Item2 -> Item3 -> Item4 -> Item 1-> Item2, etc... (skipping from 1 to 2 tthen to 3 in the correct order)

      (Starting the form via WLS)                       NOK( now the problem:)       Item1 -> Item3 -> Item1 -> Item 3 -> Item1, etc...              (always ignoring the next field)


      The AutoSkip is correctly if I start the form directly from Develeper -> OK!

      Starting the same form from WLS, it doesn't work -> NOK!!!


      I thing, that it can be a 12c compile issue.


      Thanky for any ideas!


      BR, Josef