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    Automatic selection of checkbox and drop down option


      Hi guys!


      I'm building a preference center page. Something essential for such a page is the automatic selection of checkboxes/drop down options based on previous subscription activity.


      Here comes my problem: I implemented an Elq form into a Landing page. I added custom code for fields appearance (based on other fields selection) and custom design in order match my client's needs.


      After opening my preference center page more than once and making different subscriptions, my page does not support automatic selection of drop down menus of checkboxes. It doesn't show if I'm subscribed to an email group or not.


      All text fields pre-populate data for the customer (email, first name, last name etc.). The problem is related only to my checkboxes or drop down menus.


      What kind of mapping should I do in order support the functionality that I'm looking for? Is the problem related to the custom code and logic that I add? Any advises related to auto select for drop down menus / checkboxes would be highly appreciated.


      Thank you in advance!


      Niki Atanasov