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    BPM 12c - Send flow back to one of the previous tasks





           UserTask 1 - Group 1

           Begin parallel flow


               User task 2 - Group 2

               User task 3 - Group 3

               User task 4 - Group 4


          Merge Parallel Flow

          User Task 5    - Group 1      


      Quick Explanation of the flow: The flow starts with a Group 1 user submitting the User Task 1. Then a parallel gateway assigns the flow to 3 groups ( 2/3/4) for acting on their respective tasks ( user task 2/3/4). Once all of them respond , the flow is merged back.

      The process is now at user task 5 with group 1 user.

      UI for all human tasks is same with multiple fields ( each modified by the respective task)



      With the process flow at User Task 5 with Group 1 user, he reviews the task and feels that User Task 3 is not done correctly. Can he send it back to just User Task 3 and once group 3 user corrects it and submit, it should come back to user task 5.

      How can this be done ?