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        Surachart Opun
        you tell oracle dba paid well.

        but i'm oracle admin. but still have less .
        • 31. OCP as oracle application developer is it worth on account of job prospects
          i intend to do an OCP oracle developer course.

          what are the job prospects as a fresher? pls help me in this regard.
          • 32. Re: OCP as oracle application developer is it worth on account of job prosp
            I remember last time when i wanted to work as DBA , there is a forumer told me.

            We have to start as application programming in Oracle to know the way to program it. and we slowly pickup skill on way to performance tunning on our code.

            After that we go a step higher to DBA operator when we help development to perform imp/exp , index , tablespace monitoring . Backup and recovery in Development yet.

            and finally we jump into production DBA where we do all those thing in deeper level to identified the problem , prevention actions ,monitoring , forecase , upgrade ...etc

            I jump into Oracle dba not because that $$$$ in full but because i enjoy reading , helping people , and improve our baby(oracle db).It is passion and we gain respect from our users , client,management on that.

            Only from that we gain $$$ more.
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              Nice discussion!
              Learned a lot!
              And I am DBA from China. I know Oracle in 2003.
              And I am very enjoying Oracle database. It's so interesting!
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                i think it is the best position in it sector. really worths if you are a good one.
                i am very inexperienced, cant call myself even junior dba. i am working about portal for 1 year but now shifting to db area slowly. and i enjoy it too much, it is a lot of fun when compared with developing. this is just my idea of course.
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                  Hi All

                  Its interesting to read everyone's similar feelings for those starting out like me in the DBA track. I am finding out, its quite difficult to get an entry level position to assist a DBA. First off, its quite competitive and employers always want the person with wide and deep skill set, even if you are only applying for an entry level position. I work at a University institution assisting in database creation and web interfaces, as well as hardware and technical support! I did get a chance to design and create an Oracle database and create online interface with a wide variety of uses--so that was rewarding. However I am finding working at educational institutions ( and this really depends on the job you have-- you became knowledgeable about many things but you don't really become a master at one /few things)--- So Just word to wise, no one can know all things-- just pick a couple of things like obviously ORACLE and operating system of your choice and learn it well and hopefully something will come both our ways ! Good Luck
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                    They are picky right now only because the job market condition.
                    Back to year 2000 I know a guy who just did a 3 weeks Oracle training and get a job as Sr. DBA remember the salary rate for Sr. DBA in our area is close to or over 100K. And he works for well known company right now, as Sr. DBA of course.
                    So it's not too hard to became a DBA but to really ramp the career you do need a little luck sometimes.
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                      stop asking.

                      every machine you get start installing db.

                      When you have more db's than desktops, you are in the right direction.
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                        3 weeks Oracle training and get a job as Sr. DBA
                        Wow, in that case, how define a Junior DBA ? One who hear once the word "Oracle" ?

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                          at the time of internet booms, startup companies in our area are desperate to find a DBA. I guess if you can spell Oracle correct they will hire you at the time. If you know the current version of Oracle you are senior.

                          Of course things are very difference right now, if your knowledge of Oracle is not as good as Tom Kytes, don't bother to apply for senior position.
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                            Most DBAs that I have met, as well as my self, started out as developer in a small shop/group that used Oracle. Over time a need developed for a full time DBA and they volunteered for the positions.

                            I have not regretted my decision to become a DBA, I have so far found it very rewarding job.
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                              >>> freshers have absolutely no place.

                              This is not true.
                              If you have good concept knowledge on oracle database.
                              and u confident for facing any interview.
                              so i am sure u get job.
                              Most of company hiring freshers DBA's.

                              If u have OCP certification that is good but with certification is must u have lots of lots of experience...in Database.
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                                Hi All,

                                I am from India - Bangalore.

                                I am completed my MSc in Information Technology

                                I am currently doing Oracle DBA course. Any one cam advise me how can I get into as a trainee / junior DBA. My emailed: santhosh.kumars@yahoo.com
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                                  I have over 6 years experience in developing PLSQL packages. However, I now want to switch over to becoming a DBA. I have already enrolled myself for an OCP-DBA course. Can anyone tell me whether it is too late for a switch-over? I work in India.
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                                    No matter which professional path you choose in your life. There is no one you can name an "easy starter" "no-experience required" job.
                                    Don't expect to earn much just because you are a beginner dba, you just have to combine some aspects Hard work, patience, endurance, motivation, and success will be a consequence of that.