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    Slowness In publishing content Endeca


      Hi ExpertsTeam,


      When publishing the content in the Endeca Application Experience Manager, i am observing too much of slowness.

      Could you please tell me how can this slowness will be solved.

      When i am checking the IFCR.log, the size of the logs file is huge and with the below error occurring at times. And in addition to that, the logs under the ToolsAndFrameworks are more and with huge size.


      *ERROR* [*.*.*.* [************] GET /ifcr/sites/********/workspaces/current.json HTTP/1.1] com.endeca.ifcr.workspace.impl.node.WorkspaceResourceDecorator Error in updating the value map for resource at path /sites/*********/workspaces/fa2aff3f-b978-4b96-985d-fff39d74de75 javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: Unable to locate workspace node for mainline path:/sites/*********/content/Shared/Footer/Global Main.


      Please go through my query and inputs given and provide me some solution if you have any idea on it.