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    OBIEE 12c: wlst scripting to edit EM controlled configurations


      Hello Everyone,


      I need help with WLST scripting to configure EM controlled configurations(like GLOBAL_CACHE_STORAGE_PATH).


      In OBIEE 11g, we used to lock / commit as following:


      cd ('oracle.biee.admin')

      cd ('oracle.biee.admin:type=BIDomain,group=Service')

      # define the MBean parameters and datatypes as arrays 

      objs = jarray.array([],java.lang.Object)

      strs = jarray.array([],java.lang.String)


      # Invoke the lock operation from the BIDomainMBean

      # (equivalent to the Lock and Edit Configuration button in Oracle Enterprise Manager)



      How to lock / commit in OBIEE 12c?



      Manish Jaiswal