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    Upload rpd from OBIEE to


      Hi ,


      I downloaded rpd from OBIEE I opened rpd in offline mode and checked global consistency , I got no error.


      Then , I uploaded rpd (which downloaded from to system. RPD upload completed succesfully without any error.


      After uploaded rpd to , I opened rpd in online mode.  Checked Global Consistency ,I got tons of same error like below.

      -----------[38207] Logical column "Test"."Test Table."Column1" has no physical data source mapping.

      -----------[38014] Logical tables "Test"."Test Table" and "Test"."Test Table 2" have multiple joins. Delete join object(s) so that repository doesn't contain duplicate(s) of existing joins.


      I opened rpd in offline mode that i uploaded  , everyting is fine. All columns has physical data source mapping. However , in online mode , some column's physical data sources is empty.


      Is there anyone who met issue like mine or who have any idea ?