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    Sun V240 reset ALOM password


      Is there any way how to reset ALOM password on V240 if OS is not accessible? I need to log on to ALOM to check OS, but don't know the password. I have physical access to ALOM.

      Thank you

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          Martin Brinkmann-Oracle


          if you have a MyOracleSupport account, you can review

          How to bypass and reset the ALOM password on the V125/V210/V215/V240/V245/V250/V440/V445 and Netra 210/240/440 Servers (Doc ID 1010457.1)







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            Steffen Nothmann-Oracle

            Hi Nicco,


            are you sure there was a password set for the ALOM user explicitly  ?
            Might be worth checking with the defaults from shipping :


            admin / <no password>
            - OR -
            admin / admin1


            If you can't get into the ALOM, then Solaris should be reached via network :
            # ping < IP - Adress of HOST >
            # ssh  < IP - Adress of HOST >


            If you get ping response network service is running and if you get  a login prompt with ssh
            you maybe able to login as root ( if you know the password ;-) ).


            Then you can apply the main step of the above mentioned procedure ( provided by Martin ) to change the ALOM user password

            /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/scadm userpassword admin



            Would be great if this answered your question correctly. If so, please mark it appropriate to close the issue.


            Thank you.





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              Thanks Steffen, yes there was one of the default passwords. I can connect to ALOM now.

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                Thanks Martin, I've seen it, but there is some problem in the procedure. By waiting 1-2 minutes system will start up and not show ok prompt. Google suggested to pull out one disk to prevent system to start up and let him end up in ok>. But haven't tested it yet. Just asked if there is any better way.

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                  Mihai Valcu-Oracle



                  Related to ok> prompt, the system will not stop there if the auto-boot? is set to true.

                  Rather than pulling out a disk which might cause other issues, you can set auto-boot? to false so that the system will stop at ok> prompt after POST is completed.

                  You can check the status of auto-boot? parameter with eeprom from Solaris (or printenv from OBP).



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                    Hi Mihai, but how can I change auto-boot if I don't have Solaris or ALOM available?

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                      Luis Eduardo Becerra-Oracle

                      Hi Nicco

                      Do you have a keyboard connected?   You can try with  Ctrl + Function (Fn) + F12 to get ok prompt


                      SC Alert: SC Request to send Break to host.
                      SC Alert: SC Request to send Break to host.
                      Probing system devices

                      Starting RTC ..
                      Probing memory
                      Probing I/O buses

                      Netra 240, Keyboard Present
                      Copyright 2010 Sun Microsystems, ...

                      Running diagnostic script obdiag/normal

                      Testing /pci@1e,600000/ide@d

                      Initializing 1024MB of memory at addr 0 / 
                      SC Alert: SC Request to send Break to host.

                      Type 'go' to resume
                      {1} ok