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    BI World Installation Discussion

    Sirish Malisetty

      I started this Project as a fun activity few months back. I wanted to install and configure everything that is needed for a Business Intelligence Application, from scratch.

      Being a 'developer' for a decade on OBIEE tool and related applications, I know little on installation, configuration and maintenance of it. There is always an 'Admin' who does these activities for me.

      The concepts of architecture, folder structure, monitoring, load balancing are always fascinating to me. Now is the time I realized that I have to do each of these on my own or at-least give it a try.

      And this project of mine is never finished, but an on going process. It will have many experiences to share.

      There might be few others who did/does/will do similar work and there is a scope of sharing their stories - issues, workarounds, roadblocks, bugs, success stories etc..  - as well.


      so lets begin,



      Thanks to Oracle eDelivery for letting me download software for my learning - a key success to this project.

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          Sirish Malisetty

          I did not have a physical Server to start this. May be it will be a limitation later.

          I used my own personal Laptop and below is the configuration.

          • Model            :   DELL Latitude E6440
          • Edition           :   Windows 10 Education
          • OS Build        :   15063.483
          • Processor      :   Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4610M CPU @ 3.00Ghz
          • System Type  :   64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
          • Installed RAM :   16GB  (initially it was 8GB and I have added another 8GB to increase its Memory)
          • Storage          :   500GB

          Now that I decided to use this laptop, I partitioned it into 2 drives C - 226 GB and S - 268 GB.

          I installed Oracle Virtual Box Version 5.1.22 r 115126 (Qt5.6.2) and mounted my Partitioned S Drive on to it.


          This is where I planned, to do all my work. eventually I named it. I named it so that I can use it as my hostname.