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    Customize OBIEE 12c graph colors


      Dear All,


      I'm trying to change the default color palette for the OBIEE 12c graph with a custom one.


      I tried deploying the analyticsRes application with custom color palette but it dint help. Please help to let me know how can I customize the color palette so that the graphs created earlier to this customization and the graphs to be created in future have this custom colors.



      Karthig V

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          Gianni Ceresa


          Explain how you customized it and how you deployed the analyticsRes shared folder and what do you see as result instead of just "it didn't help".


          If you give a full picture of what you did it's possible to point you in the right direction, otherwise it will be a number of random answers which aren't really going to help you.

          Also please post the exact version of OBIEE you are using (as it helps).


          I also assume you checked the doc about customization of the UI as it cover these things ....

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            Dear Sir,


            I referred the Oracle doc - https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?_afrLoop=280195647083981&id=2131220.1&displayIndex=6&_afrWindowMo…  and renamed the bicustom to analyticsRes.ear after updating the graph.xml with my desired color palatte.


            updated my instanceconfig.xml on the tag <DefaultStyle>s_Custom<DefaultStyle>.


            OBIEE version



            KArthigesan V

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              Gianni Ceresa

              In my tests was really bugged for custom styles, that's why there is that patch (the one you linked).

              But you need to keep the EAR as bicustom.ear and deploy it like that. I couldn't manage to load a custom style from /analyticsRes properly on that version.

              And to deploy AnalyticRes you generally do not use a EAR file as you lose the benefits of the shared folder as it will require you to update and redeploy the EAR file every time.


              So decide between EAR file (bicustom) and analytisRes (shared folder) and keep in mind it's definitely possible analyticsRes doesn't work fine for custom style in


              As that version is out of error support already it is advised to upgrade to and then apply the latest patch for that one. You are currently on the very first release of the tool, not the best version ...