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    How to impliment this in OBIEE? Financial year for India is April to March


      Hi Experts,


      We have to implement a solution where we have different countries like India/USA/UK etc.


      For India financial year is April to March and for rest other countries it is January to December.


      We have prompt   Country   Start Date   End Date  Year.    Start Date /End Date are quarter start date(1-Jan/1-Apr/1-Jul/1-Oct) and quarter end date(31-Mar/30-Jun/30-Sept/31-dec).


      When user select Country=India and Quarter =Q4 and Year =2016. Then the data should be filter for Year=2017(because India's Q4 is lies in next year.)

      As user can select multiple quarters , so always for India for Q4 the year should be next year.


      If you have any suggestion, Please share.