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    Assign sales rep to lead



      We just recently brought over all of the account data from SFDC into Eloqua. We have the contacts mapped to the accounts. Now when a lead is created we'd like for it to automatically assign the correct sales rep in SFDC. Does anyone have any documentation or steps on how to get started with this?

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          Valeria Moore-Oracle

          Here is an interesting approach I found you might find helpful:

          Round Robin Lead Assignment in Salesforce




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            Hi Stacey,


            From a high level point of view, you would want to involve your SFDC Admin on this that an assignment rule in SFDC does the assignment when Eloqua creates the lead in SFDC.


            I remember working with the Tax & Accounting dep't where they tried to do it in Eloqua, but it got extremely troubling since rep ID's and assignment changes had to always be manually updated in Eloqua (in update rules, users, program steps and etc).  It really wasn't worth the trouble to keep it in there, and when you bring in the exceptions to rule assignments, it really creates a mess.  Has this approach been evaluated?


            How are you currently flagging contacts to be sent over to the CRM update program in Eloqua to SFDC?  When they are sent over, do those leads have the info that SFDC requires to assign a sales rep?  As another note, what was the main objective you had in mind when migrating all the account data from SFDC to ELQ? 


            In any case, looking forward to hearing back!


            Best Regards,

            Hong Tai Lee

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              Hello Hong Tai,

              Thank you so much for your response!


              We brought over the account information for a couple of reasons....We are wanting to use revenue as scoring criteria and also, there are a lot of fields on the account level that come in very handy for us to be able to filter for marketing purposes. We want to add the account fields for linked contacts into segments to increase the eligible segment contact counts. Also, the sales rep info is in the account record.


              Currently we are sending our leads into the program via form processing steps. We are working on a lead scoring model and hoping to implement it soon. At this time, the contacts do not have what is needed to assign the sales rep and so we were looking for some best practices on how to best move forward. We were hoping to associate the contact record with the account in Eloqua, then assign the rep based on the account record somehow. We would still have to figure out what to do with the new contacts as well.

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                Hi Stacey,


                I'm running on the key assumption that right now upon entry from a form, they would have a company name or record that allows the linkage to happen between an account record and a contact record.


                To immediately address the path of "transporting" the account rep info from the account tables into the contact record, using a match rule with a handler set that updates the contact record field with account details (the fields that hold rep info) would suffice.  This can be done in a separate program or as an additional step in the program that you are currently feeding them into right now.  You can find match rules under "Audience > Tools > Data Tools".


                Upon getting the rep values copied in from the account tables into the contact record, you could then trigger a synch to brings those values into SFDC.  As long as we keep this a "one way" street where any further SFDC assignments in the future are brought into Eloqua from an autosynch will trump these values, it should work.  I'm still treating the info in SFDC as the golden standard - where as Eloqua is giving a temporary assignment then punching those values into SFDC and have SFDC establish the "assignment" interaction that your reps would be using (I'm also assuming that your reps mostly stay in SFDC).


                Regarding best practices on new contacts that do not have a rep, and again on a generic level since I'm not too deep into your practices, if there is no company data or matchable company in the account table records - the lead can be held on for about an hour or so.  If no account data is synched into Eloqua where a match could be made, then an arbitrary rep / owner ID could be assigned the lead.


                A separate report that is accessible to all reps should list this "fake rep's" leads for further assignment - or an assignment rule in SFDC would detect leads that have this "temp" label and round robin the distribution based on whatever assignment system that you have.


                I hope this would be a good start, but I'm keeping it slightly on the high level for now to ensure we're approaching more on a discovery path and not make you over-commit to a particular process for now.  If you'd like to go deeper into this, please feel free to let me know!  You can also directly reach me at hongtai@gospecmarketing.com in case a phone call would be better.  I would also be happy to do a screenshare to guide you through the match rule (since we do need to see what the account - contact linkage is done on as well).


                Looking forward to hearing back!


                Best Regards,

                Hong Tai Lee