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    BI Publisher "Failed to Load XML" when creating sample data


      I am new to BI Publisher and I am receiving the error "Failed to Load XML" after trying to view the data generated by the following SQL code (runs successfully in SQL Developer):


      SELECT oh.order_number,




      ol.line_id as ITEM_KEY

      FROM ont.oe_order_lines_all ol,

      ont.oe_order_headers_all oh

      WHERE ol.header_id = oh.header_id

      and ol.attribute4 <> 'COPY'

      and ol.line_id in


      SELECT to_number(item_key)


      WHERE activity_label = 'XXNM_BLOCK_ORDER_APPR_BLOCK'

      and activity_status_code != 'COMPLETE'


      and ol.flow_status_code <> 'CLOSED'

      and NVL(ol.cancelled_flag,'N') != 'Y'

      ORDER BY 1,2,3


      I am trying to create sample data to create a BI Publisher report. Our OBIEE version is Please provide assistance with what might be causing this error.

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          Violeta F-Oracle

          When you test the SQL in your data model,  select the Data Engine Log button on same page. It has the details of your error.

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            Tony Kirn-Oracle

            I have a similiar issue but my engine log reports 1 line as per:

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><debugLog></debugLog>


            So not very helpful just yet.


            This is my sql that runs fine in sqlplus and works fine when I don't use 'host' as the member_target_type and I get the failed to load xml error. Using 'host' target type works just find in sqlplus.



            SELECT member_target_name, exadata_host, availability_status,

              SUM(NVL(duration, 0)) "Days"



                SELECT a.member_target_name,

                a.member_target_type exadata_host,


                round((SYSDATE - b.start_timestamp),10) duration

              FROM sysman.mgmt$target_flat_members a,

                sysman.mgmt$availability_current b

              WHERE a.member_target_name   =b.target_name

              AND a.member_target_type   ='host'

              AND a.aggregate_target_name IN (:para_exa_machine)

              union all

              SELECT a.member_target_name,

                a.member_target_type exadata_host,


                round((NVL(b.end_timestamp, SYSDATE) - case when b.start_timestamp < :para_start_date

            then to_date(:para_start_date)  <----------------------------- used to have an issue here until I added the to_date but now just won't work for 'host' target

            else b.start_timestamp end),10) duration

              FROM sysman.mgmt$target_flat_members a,

                sysman.mgmt$availability_history b

              WHERE a.member_target_name=b.target_name

              AND a.member_target_type='host'

              AND a.aggregate_target_name in (:para_exa_machine)

              AND b.end_timestamp           > :para_start_date


            GROUP BY member_target_name, exadata_host, availability_status