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    Eloqua Blind Form Link Generator 2.0

    Tom Schreurs

      Three years ago a Eloqua Blind Form Link Generator was posted on Topliners. A while ago I started testing and using it. After finding some bugs and improvements I started modifying the original Generator.


      New in the 2.0 Version.

      - prepopulate;

      - instructions included;

      - original test URL didn't include the custom fields;

      - test URL fully functional with custom email now;

      - added copy URL button;

      - updated UI


      Now its hosted online:


      Let me know what you think, which additional functionality would you like to see? Found bugs? Comments in general, all are welcome.

      Also have a look at the extended version: QR Code Link Generator for e.g. Event attendance, QRcode.ineloqua.com


      An example:


      Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 14.03.23.png