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    Calculation on Custom 1 and 2 (Large Dimensions)


      Hi All,


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      We are having difficulties in developing a Calculate rule that involves C1 and C2 Dimensions. Whenever we are mentioning Account dimension member along with C1 or C2 in left hand side of formula, business rule is getting validated & deployed but it is not reflecting any change in application. Old script is executing in application. When we mention C3 and C4 with Account dimension, then updated rule is executed.


      Appreciate if someone highlights any thing we are missing.


      M is our C1 (Large) Dimension whereas F1 is our C4 dimension (medium)


      Unsuccessful rule Deployment:

      Sub Calculate

        If HS.ENTITY.MEMBER = "E1" Then

        HS.Exp "A#PPE.M#[None]=8"

        End If

      End Sub


      Successful rule Deployment:

      Sub Calculate

        If HS.ENTITY.MEMBER = "E1" Then

        HS.Exp "A#PPE.F1#[None]=8"

        End If

      End Sub





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          First, if rules don't work, they usually throw an error in system messages.   Are you getting any?

          Second, is C1/C2 [None] valid for both members for that Account?

          Third, if no system messages are populating and your metadata works, try writing a log rule to test if you're getting inside your if statement, and if you're not passing that check, confirm the value of HS.ENTITY.MEMBER and make sure it matches "E1" (so it's not showing something like "e1" for example).



          Finally, I seriously hope you never tried to implement either of the above lines of code directly into your application... you'll be flooding your database as every undefined member gets populated with an 8.  Hoping that was just sample code for here.

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            I do completely agree with Jeo123, please try to run a debug entry inside the loop and check if your rule is being run for that particular entity. Also please check the CustomTop attribute for the particular account for which you are trying to run the calculations. Also, if the Entity is part of shared hierarchies, try to run consolidation / calculation at both the parents and see what happens. The Custom members work with combination of Accounts based on the CustomTopMember. If you are expecting it to be calculated for a specific custom dimension member, please make sure it is part of the CustomTopMember attribute for that account. Also if possible please make sure to attach at least screenshots whenever possible to understand the issue better.

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              Yes above was a sample code.


              Apologies for delay as we were investigating our Calc Manager.


              Actually it is a bug in our environment. We are using 5 custom dimensions. Using more than 4 custom dimensions was released in our version. Our calc manager is not supporting this. We are now drafting scripts in Notepad ++ and using RLE file upload.

              We thought that dimensions type was an issue.



              Thanks for assistance,