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    Oracle B2B  listen channel completely stop


      Current our company is using Oracle SOA/B2B 12.1.3. There are couple of FTP listening channels that point to remote FTP within same domain of network but not in same data center or locations. For some cases we have seen when ftp connection drops and all listen channels stopped working, we have tried to activate/inactivate listening channels, nothing will be up and running again unless we restart the soa managed servers. it happens from time to time and it is very frustrating.


      some facts here:

      1. soa suite is built on RH linux with 2 managed server cluster.

      2. we have load balancing using OHS.

      3. no share storage is implemented

      4. remote FTP server is provisioned by windows IIS under windows 2008 R2.

      5. b2b.listening_channels.continue_reconnect = true and b2b.HAInstance = True was already set but problem still persists.