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    Moving a Named Filter in the Catalog


      I need to re-organize the Catalog.  This will mean that some filters will be moved into sub-folders.   However, when I move a filter, either using OBIEE or by using the Catalog Manager, all Analyses that reference that Named Filter are now broken and I have to visit each one, edit it and replace the named filter.


      Is there a better way for re-organizing filters?  Would it be better to never put folder structures in your subject area folder for Named Filters?


      I have a similar question/problem with Analyses.  I sometimes will need to move them from one folder to another, and if they are used/referenced by other Analyses, (as in an action link, or in use by a dashboard), then those references are now broken.


      Any advice beyond the heads-down sweep through every analysis out there to try to correct the references?




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          Christian Berg

          Catalog Manager allows you to change references inside the XML files via the "XML Search & Replace" function.


          You could say replace "/shared/Mktg/Analyses" with "/shared/Marketing/Analyses".

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            Gianni Ceresa

            As Christian said the clean and simplest way is search/replace in the whole catalog, just make sure your search criteria can't be confused with something else which doesn't need to be replaced (like if you want to replace "/shared/Mktg" with "/shared/Marketing" but you also have something named "/shared/Mktg-DoNotTouchMe"), that's just common sense when doing a search&replace which can't be undone, but better to remember it ...


            You of course also have a "dirty" way which consist in creating shortcuts with the old names pointing to the new ones.

            The issue is you end up with a more messy catalog as you have shortcut pointing everywhere instead of cleaning up things and pointing to the new object locations.


            This is valid for filters and analysis and anything else you move in the catalog.

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              Christian Berg

              Yes #BePrecise is a must there as well as #BackUpBefore ;-)

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                So, if I move a single analysis "Scott Test" from folder "/shared/test" to folder "/shared/reports", I would do a find/replace on "/shared/test/Scott Test" to "/shared/reports/Scott Test".   Ok, this makes sense.

                Now I understand that the catalog is really just a large XML file and all the properties/settings of all the analyses/filters/etc in the catalog are plain text inside the XML file.


                I wish the OBIEE Catalog Manager would provide me with a simple way to "correct references" if I move an analyses, similar to how it will do that for a rename.  Seems like an identical feature.


                With this answer, I also learned that I can find all the references to a specific analysis or filter by doing an advanced search on the XML.  Works great.


                Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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                  Martin van Donselaar

                  The Catalog is not one single very large XML file, Its consists of User Folders and Shared folders in which every object (Answer report, dashboard Page etc) is a seperate XML File.

                  The Search/Replace Technic using the catalog manager as described above is very useful, I have used it often to quickly create reports that are similar to reports I had created before and it can be a real time-saver.


                  Be aware you may have to use HTML special characters like  " for " to find and replace the items/references that you want to change.


                  Important: ALWAYS create a backup before you do anything.