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    Measuring webpage by query strings

    Jeroen Beelen


      We have a tool online at /tool.php After filling in the form it gives the results on the page /tool.php#result

      Now on the canvas I want the send an email introducing the tool to contacts who did't have filled in the tool.

      is this possible and how?

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          Tom Schreurs

          You could include a blind form submit. Meaning, after someone has submitted the data, a blind form will be submitted for that contact.

          That Blind Form can submit data in the background. If you include a custom field like: FormSubmit (preferably a multi-select picklist so it is re-usable for other forms also) you can have it populated.

          After the form was submitted you can check that field on the canvas and use it as a segmentation criteria. For contacts that submitted the form: do nothing, for the ones who didn't submit the form: send them a reminder e-mail.


          Examples on creating Blind Form Submit links:

          The specified item was not found.

          Eloqua Blind Form Link Generator 2.0

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            Alternatively to what Tom suggests if they are known visitors that you have contact records for in your system you could create a segment that uses criteria in the url to add them to a campaign that sends the email. This gives you the value of not having to count their engagement as a form submission which some orgs view as an engagement that could get confusing in the contacts history.

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              Jeroen Beelen

              Yes they are known visitors.
              How would a segment look like? Due to the fact I cannot check (directly) from the segment if a page is visited.

              I do have some checks if a page is visited by using tags. However I cannot use it because I want to check for /tool.php#result and not for /tool.php

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                I think it would look something roughly like below. Obviously replacing the url in the sample with the url for your page.




                From there you could do a few things. You could add a shared filter with the criteria being a similar grouping that are individuals that made it to the tool's tool.php#result page (essentially the individuals that filled out the tool would have visited that url and the filter would feed them down one path and then essentially everyone else would go down the path of receiving an email.


                That would look roughly like below:




                If the shared filter criteria is not allowing you to see the url in question you could essentially combine this option with Tom's and then replace the "Shared Filter Member" decision with a "Submitted Form" decision and choose the form connected to this blind form submit. Good thing about pushing them through a canvas is you can then continue to manipulate the two groups with different messaging or you can push them into shared lists to use the data for later.

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                  Jeroen Beelen

                  I'll take a look at it as soon as possible, Thanks Joshua.

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                    Jeroen Beelen

                    In the shared filter you cannot filter on a certain page. The page can also nt be tagged, so I guess I have to go with Tom's solution.