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    Line numbers appear when copying SQL formatted text




      I am not sure if this has been addressed already, but check this :


      select * from (
      select rownum r from dual
      connect by rownum<=10)
      where r<=5;



      As you can see the above snippet is formatted in SQL format in this thread.

      Now if I try to copy and paste it in some text editors (e.g. notepad or even notepad++ ) I always see line numbers


      select * from ( 

      02.select rownum r from dual 

      03.connect by rownum<=10) 

      04.where r<=5;


      and it becomes difficult to remove them line by line.. possible with small tricks in notepad++ to select only the line numbers and discard them, but would it not be ideal if we have  the ability to copy the code without generating line numbers?