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    Adop patching cycle EBS 12.2.6


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.2.6





      I am confused where to run adop patching in EBS R12.2.6 ( on which  file edition?)


      Some blogs said you can run all phases (prepare, apply, finalize, cutover, cleanup, fs_clone) in any file edition type (fs or fs2), (run or patch) since EBS will know how to manage and where to apply it.

      It means you can run it all in fs1, or fs2? It is true?


      Some blogs said: You have to be in specific file edition to run it? as below.


      $ . <EBS_ROOT>/EBSapps.env run

      $ adop phase=prepare

      $ . <EBS_ROOT>/EBSapps.env patch

      $ adop phase=apply patches=123456

      $ adop phase=finalize

      $ . <EBS_ROOT>/EBSapps.env run

      $ adop phase=cutover

      $ adop phase=cleanup

      $ adop phase=fs_clone



      Please help...



      Kind regards,


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