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      • 15. Re: Adop patching cycle EBS 12.2.6

        Hi ,

        There are multiples tasks involved in adop prepare, as a few examples below,


        >> During the prepare phase, adop performs the following steps.

        >> Checks whether to perform a cleanup, which will be needed if the user failed to

        >> invoke cleanup after the cutover phase of a previous online patching cycle.

        >> Validates system configuration to ensure that the system is ready to start an online patching cycle.

        >> Checks to see if the database is prepared for online patching

        >> Checks system configuration on each application tier node

        >> Checks for the existence of the "Online Patching In Progress"


        For more detailed reference, please refer, Oracle E-Business Suite Maintenance Guide Release 12.2


        Hope this helps for a improved understanding.




        • 16. Re: Adop patching cycle EBS 12.2.6

          Thanks Jibu and ALL,


          I usually do not want to take my adop phase=prepare to take very long.

          So it is better to complete all the cyles from previous patch

          1. prepare

          2. apply

          3. finalyze

          4. cutover

          5. cleanup

          6 fs_clone


          So that the next patching cylce will not run too long on "prepare"?



          Kind regards,

          • 17. Re: Adop patching cycle EBS 12.2.6


            An execution of fs_clone will help to reduce time adop prepare if there were many patches applied in earlier patching cycle

            But there is will be instruction if there is a fs_clone required to run


            Hope this helps




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