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    Portal Page Navigation


      Hi All,


      Our team is trying to implement the Portal page navigation function as per steps below..  But after executing the steps -  not able to see any functions listed on 'Invoke browser script'



      Tried restarting but no use. Any additional steps to be performed ?  Using the OBIEE Version (Build 150415.1247 64-bit)


      We do understand Navigate to BI Content/web page are the available alternatives but for our requirement, getting this function working would suit the best.

      Hence giving this a go. 


      Thanks in advance.

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          I've seen sometimes multiple UserScript.js files in the $FMW_HOME, can you try locating and changing all the files?

          In addiction sometimes browser cache deletion helps.



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            Thanks for your reply Francesco, We were able to see obiee default functions initially but after clearing cache - even those are not visible now. 


            We currently modified the below files.



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              If you can't see the default functions I believe this means that the UserScript.js file is somehow corrupted.

              My suggestion is to restore the original UserScripts.js and retry.

              In case you are working from a Win platform into a Linux server, verify that you're not introducing special characters in the file that may corrupt it.

              In this case I've see that copying from the website in a text editor (like Notepad++)  and then use vi command provides the best results