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    Form integration with a Dev server, and no API


      We are trying to integrate form submissions with a Dev Server and do not/are not allowed to make the data exchange using an API.  Has anyone had a situation like this?  Does anyone know how to cope with this? 


      We are planning to construct multiple online customer centers/portals and to limit the amount of API connections on our instance we want to be able to have the information needed for automation go into Eloqua and the information for sign on go to the dev server.


      I have looked at:

      How Does Form Integration Work?


      How to repost an externally hosted form to Eloqua


      I am most familiar with reposting from an externally hosted form. 

      In "How Does Form Integration Work?"  I am looking at the second option: Form submitted on external site->form data sent to form action script on external server->external script sends data to corresponding form in Eloqua->Eloqua contact record updated.  Except I do not have experience with that type of data transfer.

      Or would it be better to send the data to Eloqua, and then send it to the external server?  Has anyone got experience with that?


      Thank you and I look forward to your responses!