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    Abuse report classed as thread activity?


      I have noticed that using the Report Abuse action—in this case simply to flag posts as being in the wrong place—has updated the Latest Activity timestamp and caused the thread involved to rise to the top of the forum. I don't recall seeing this before, and it does not appear to be beneficial. If a post off the front page needed to be marked as genuinely abusive, surely it doesn't make sense to draw attention to it by moving it to pole position?

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          Timo Hahn

          You are right. Reporting a thread as abuse (regardless which reason) will move the thread to the top of the list.

          Thread before I reported it as abuse

          I reported this thread as abuse use 10:20 PM local time. The content page showed

          after I reported it and the thread was moved to the top. When I opened the thread it still showed

          The same time as before the report and still no answer. The time in the content view and the time in the thread are not matching.


          Anyway, you are right, that reporting a thread for abuse should not bring the thread to attention.


          Calling Chitrasai1-Oracle on this. Maybe she can look into this. I'm not sure if the is something new or not.



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            Thank you for reporting fac586


            Reporting abuse is showing as recent activity as it is will be rejected or approved by an admin/moderator.

            Any admin action on thread pushes  it to the top.It shouldn't happen this way.

            Latest activity has to be updated only when a reply is received to the thread and also when any edit done to the previous reply by the user .


            Our technical team is working on how to change this.I will update you if I hear from them.