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    Keep attention on RMAN restore tests 12.2!!!



      while running backup and restore tests of our new clusters I hit into the following issue/bug/feature.

      I wanted to perform restore the SPFILE to a temporary location for testing purpose:

      rman>restore spfile to '/tmp/test.ora'

      this succeded but it seems this updates the database resource, too:

      >srvctl config database -d db***

      Eindeutiger Datenbankname: dbDatenbankname: db***

      Oracle-Standardverzeichnis: /u01/app/oracle/product/12.2.0/dbhome_1

      Oracle-Benutzer: oracle

      Spfile: /tmp/test.ora

      Kennwortdatei: +DATA/DB***/PASSWORD/pwd***.256.950864309


      This was very strange! Because the nodes will the paramaterfile expects under /tmp/test.ora now and won't start yet.

      I had to reset the value to its original location in ASM:

      srvctl modify database -d db*** -spfile +DATA/db***/PARAMETERFILE/spfile.267.950865923


      Now it was already fine.



      OL 7.4 RDBMS/GI 12.2