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    Exporting Contact Activity Data?


      I'm working on a project to see what path our customers take to become customers. I want to look across all channels (including email and website) to see what action customers performed and when they performed them.


      Is there any way to do a massive report/export of the activity log Eloqua keeps for each contact? I know the data is there because I can see it when I click on an individual contact, but since I'm dealing with thousands of people I really need to export it into a different tool for analysis.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Thank you! I get the concept of an API and I think this will work, but how do I actually get started? (i.e. what application / IDE do I need to "hit" an API and export the data?)


          This might be outside the scope of this forum, but I figured I would at least ask. Thanks again!

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            Devon Guerrero

            The quick and dirty way to access apis is by using postman (which can also generate code for you). From there it's a matter of making those same api calls from whatever language of your choice (using its respective libraries and syntax), and storing it in some form. But that's pretty much out of the scope of topliners, but here's a cool list that could get you started.


            Once you have that level of understanding, then you can go back to the resource mentioned above and use that as a reference to build our your activity application.


            Now, I'm assuming you've tried exporting all of the activity data from the data import/export tool, right?

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              Matthias Rothkoegel

              Another way to export activity data is via the standard SFTP data export:

              Screenshot at Okt. 08 11-42-26.png

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                Just had our eloqua admin try this, it returned 0 results in the csv. Any idea what settings we may have messed up or reasons why that would happen? Thanks!

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                  Matthias Rothkoegel

                  Do you have the "Internal Queue" enabled in your Eloqua instance? If you are not sure, go to Settings > Integration then click on "Reporting" and select "Integration Reporting". You should see the following screen:



                  Make sure that your Internal Queue and the External Calls are enabled.


                  If this is not working you won't be able to export activities from Eloqua. In case you need to have the Internal Queue enabled, contact Oracle Support and request to have this done for your Eloqua instance. The next steps will be to start the CRM Integration form the "Outbound" tab in the "Integration" section. If you need guidance on that, let me know.


                  Best regards,




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                    Hey All, wanted to follow up with my own solution in case anyone in the future comes across this.


                    I was able to pull activity data from Oracle's API using Python and a package called Pyeloqua. I have very little coding experience and had never done anything with pulling data from an API before, so while there may be a more efficient or robust way to do this, this is a good option if you're not a tech person. It requires no code writing, but you will have to do some tweaking/editing to get the pre-written code to pull the exact data you want.


                    Here were my steps:

                    0) Download Python (lots of ways to do this, check google for more info, I used Anaconda with Spyder IDE - don't worry if you have no idea what that means, just download Python in some form)

                    1) Install Pyeloqua (again, google is your friend if you've never installed packages with Python before)

                    2) Go here: https://gist.github.com/colemanja91/8dbebf8b51ffa8fe56df7c79ab57b5a8

                    3) Open Python (I recommend downloading a Python IDE like Spyder, which just makes python a little easier to work with in my opinion)

                    4) Copy/past all of the code from the link in step 2 into Python

                    5) Now you’ll have to make some edits to the code:

                    5.1) First, about 4 lines down where it says “username = ‘xxx’ Password = ‘xxx’ company = ‘xxx’”, change each ‘xxx’ to your username, password, and company. The company name much match exactly how it’s listed in Eloqua, and the username, password, company should each be in single quotes (so if your username is apple123 the code should say username= ‘apple123’ )

                    5.2) In the code that says “activity date”, you can modify the start and end date for which you want to pull data.

                    5.3) The code in the link will pull email clickthroughs, if you want to pull a different type of activity you will have to make 1 more change to the code (stick with me, you’re almost done!). In the line of code that says “bulk.exports('activities', act_type='EmailClickthrough')”, change “EmailClickthrough” to a different activity type. The full list of activity types can be found here:




                    Massive thanks to Pyeloqua's creator colemanja91 on Github for this super useful package.

                    If anyone has any questions on this feel free to message me!

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                      Devon Guerrero

                      Woah! Thanks for the find.

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                        Craig Barnes

                        I'm following the process above and wondered where the results are dumped when the script is run?

                        Thanks in advance.




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                          Hey Craig,


                          It should dump the results into a CSV file that gets saved in the exact same folder as where the python file is already saved.


                          For me, by default it saved everything in This PC -> Windows -> Users -> (your username folder)


                          Hope this helps!



                          Also just a word of caution that I realized as I used this approach more - in some cases it appears to limit the # of rows of output (I think for me it kept cutting off at 50,000). So, if as you're using this you notice lots of exports ending at very round numbers (like 50,000 exactly), you may have to find ways to break up the export into smaller chunks.

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                            Syed R

                            Hey - Thanks for the info z3115.


                            The use case we are trying to solve is to be able to get the subscribes and unsubscribes from Eloqua periodically where updated by is equal to (or not equal to) a certain user. Can we Filter it?