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        Venkat Thota - BIP

        Sure , I will ask in BI forum, Thanks

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          L. Fernigrini

          I do not have TOAD installed, I used it many years, I cannot certify that it handles BIND variables as dates, but PL/SQL Developer actually does, in any "test window".


          This is a capture of the query in PL/SQL Developer:



          As you see, I directly use the variable as a date (no conversion required) in the script, since I define is as a date. This may be a feature of PL/SQL Developer not supported on TOAD. Seems that TOAD uses substitution variables (they are "string" replacement) rather than actual bind variables


          Quoting from "PL/SQL 101 : Substitution vs. Bind Variables ":

          So, in summary, Substitution variables are variables that the user interface detects and prompts for text to substitute into the code before submitting it to the database, and Bind variables are placeholders in queries that allow SQL queries to be soft parsed rather than hard parsed when the query is re-used, help prevent SQL injection, and allow for the values to be supplied easily and seamlessly within the code issuing it.

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