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    12c Direct SQL Analysis Issue


      Hi All.


      We have many direct sql analyses on our 11g environments. All run absolutely fine without any issue.


      Recently we migrated to 12c. And we noticed there are issues with direct sql analyses, not all but some random ones.


      A simple query like the below will produce results but one of the column is blank, means, as if there is nothing stored in that column in the table even though there is.


      Select emp_id, emp_name, emp_address, emp_position, salary from employees;


      The results shows emp_position as blank column (empty or null). On 11g I can see there are records for that column.


      Now, if I swap emp_address with emp_position, then the results show emp_position but emp_address is now empty!


      Any idea any one what's going on?


      No formatting has been applied. Nothing is hidden. Tried both table and pivot. Same issue.