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    CRM On Demand - REST API (Getting Started)


      Hi there.  We are not Oracle CRM On Demand subscribers, but we have clients that are and we are being tasked with interacting with their CRM On Demand instances via REST API.  Our clients - the CRM On Demand subscribers - aren't familiar with the REST API so we need to try to walk them through the process of allowing us restricted access via API to their CRM On Demand instances.  Are there easy to understand resources available that we could point them to that would help them accomplish this? 


      Also, we've found the REST API Developer's Guide here https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56321_01/books/PDF/RestAPI.pdf , but unless I missed it it doesn't seem to specifically address how to login to Oracle CRM On Demand / authenticate / create a session.  Would someone be so kind as to provide an example of such a request?


      I'm wondering too if perhaps there is a free developer version of CRM On Demand that we could use in order to sort out the necessary REST API calls prior to actually engaging with our clients' live instances?


      Thanks in advance!