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    NON-COMPLIANT: oraInst.loc


      Hi all,



      R12.1.3 DB 11.2.04


      perl adcfgclone.pl dbTechStack /soft/oracle/hfgr.xml


      Fails with:

      NON-COMPLIANT: /soft/oracle/product/rdbms/mydb/db11g//oraInst.loc does not point to an inventory inside the current ORACLE_HOME


      Also :

      Command sh -c "/soft/oracle/product/rdbms/mydb/db11g/oui/bin/runInstaller  -clone -silent -force -waitForCompletion -invPtrLoc /etc/oraInst.loc ORACLE_HOME=/soft/oracle/product/rdbms/mydb/db11g ORACLE_BASE=/soft/oracle/product/rdbms/mydb/db11g ORACLE_HOME_NAME=ICOM03D1_1_db112_RDBMS ; echo ERRORCODE = $? ERRORCODE_END" failed.


      Is the content of

        /etc/oraInst.loc which is not correct

      or the content of




      Thanks for any suggestion.