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    EPBCS Workforce with Entity and Cost Center Dimensions


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm working through an EPBCS Workforce implementation.  We have one custom BSO planning cube that the EPBCS Workforce module will send data to.  In our custom cube, we use both an Entity and Department dimension.  I setup the workforce module in a similar format, using a custom dimension for Department but now I'm stuck at a point where I realized that the EPBCS module expects the Departments to be part of the Entity Dimension.  For example, if I try to transfer an employee, the option is to choice an entity to swap the employee to/from and I want to use the Department Dimension for this.


      I also noticed that the WFSC cube that stores many of the rates does not contain any of my custom dimensions which again makes me believe everything is supposed to be driven by the Entity Dimension.  My question is, can you have a workforce cube that has both Entity and Department and make the rules work on the custom dimension (Department) or was I supposed to somehow combine Entity/Department into a single Entity dimension?  If I do combine it into one then it is going to be difficult to integrate with my other custom BSO cube that has both dimensions.


      Thanks for your help!