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    FRM-91500: Unable to start/complete the build.




      I am facing compiling a form in R12.1.3



      I went to

      $cd $AU_TOP/forms/US


      $frmcmp.sh  user_id=apps/test12   module=/u01/tst/apps/apps_st/appl/au/12.0.0/forms/US/XXTPOXRQERQ.fmb output_file=/u01/tst/apps/apps_st/appl/po/12.0.0/forms/US/XXTPOXRQERQ.fmx module_type=form   compile_all=special


      After executing I am getting Error as :


      FRM-91500: Unable to start/complete the build.


      Please advise

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          Try using "frmcmp_batch.sh".




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            When changed to frmcmp_batch.sh it prompted to:


            Forms 10.1 (Form Compiler) Version (Production)



            Forms 10.1 (Form Compiler): Release  - Production



            Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle.  All rights reserved.



            PL/SQL Version (Production)

            Oracle Procedure Builder V10. - Production

            Oracle Virtual Graphics System Version (Production)

            Oracle Multimedia Version (Production)

            Oracle Tools Integration Version (Production)

            Oracle Tools Common Area Version

            Oracle CORE      Production



            Usage: frmcmp Module=<formname> Userid=<userid/password> [Parameters].

            Optional parameters are (default values given):



            Module_Type=FORM          Module type (FORM, MENU, LIBRARY).

            Statistics=NO             Show statistics.

            Logon=YES                 Logon to database.

            Batch=NO                  Don't display messages on the screen.

            Output_File=<file>        Write output to file.

            Script=NO                 Write script file.

            Parse=NO                  Parse script file.

            Upgrade=NO                Upgrade module to current version.

            Upgrade_Roles=NO          Upgrade SQL*Menu 5.0 role information.

            Version=45                Version to upgrade (23, 30, 40, 45, or menu 50).

            Crt_File=<crt file>       CRT file for version 2.x form upgrade.

            Build=Yes                 Build a runform/runmenu file when upgrading.

            Add_Triggers=NO           Add KEY-UP/DOWN triggers during upgrade.

            Nofail=NO                 Add NOFAIL keyword to trigger steps.

            Debug=NO                  Build/Run with debug information.

            Compile_All=NO            Compile all PL/SQL code.

            Strip_Source=NO           Strip pl/sql source code from library.

            Window_State=Normal       Root window state: (Normal, Maximize, Minimize.)

            Help=NO                   Show this help information.

            Options_Screen=NO         Display Options window (on bitmap only).

            Widen_Fields=NO           Add one character to display width.

            Print_Version=NO          Print version used to save module.

            Forms_Doc=NO              Print Forms Doc report.