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    FNDIMON does not run



      on R12.1.3 DB on Oracle linux


      The FNDIMON APPS is not seen when I run ps -ef | grep FND.


      Is it running?


      How to verify?


      In concurrent manager no error message.


      The following query :

      set linesize 140

      select concurrent_queue_name, target_node,node_name,node_name2,control_code

        from fnd_concurrent_queues

        where concurrent_queue_name = 'FNDIM';


      CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME          TARGET_NODE                    NODE_NAME                      NODE_NAME2                     CONTROL_CODE

      ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------

      FNDIM                                                             SERVER                        SERVER                                                                                           

      1 row selected.


      Since CONTROL_CODE is empty (null) I think it should be running.


      Is it really running?


      Am I making a mistake?



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          Use 'FNDIM%'.  It normally has the node name appended to FNDIM.  It is not activated in any of my 11i to 12.2 instances, including 12.1.3 instances.  From what I can tell, the Internal Monitor is primarily used with PCP.


          How to Activate Parallel Concurrent Processing - Background Facts and Setup Steps (Doc ID 602899.1)

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            Internal monitor is by default not activated in any EBS versions. This is required only if you need to setup Parallel Concurrent Processing(PCP) and needs to enabled explicitly by navigating to Concurrent -> Managers -> Define -> Search for 'Internal Monitor' and then check the activate button.



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                Please check workshift is defined. if not choose "Standard" and save it.


                   SYSADMIN > Concurrent > Manager > Define > query FNDIMON  > workshift


              Hope this helps!




              N Kandasamy