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    Troubleshooting a basic blind-form submit


      I'm trying to set up a basic blind form submit to go out through an Eloqua email.


      I've gotten tons of conflicting info from various forums/resources (including a ton or examples that have spaces in the URL - how is that supposed to work?)


      Anyway, here's my current link (I replaced the site Id with a fictitious one). It actually does get the form to submit and re-directs to the correct page, however the fields in the submission are blank:


      https://s565558.t.eloqua.com/e/f2?elqFormName=CloudInterestLink&elqSiteID=556231&<span%20class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>=<span class="eloquaemail">EmailAddress</span>&url=testurl&emailAddress=testemail



      My thought is that because there is a space between "span" and "class", when the link is clicked it effectively ignores everything after the space (and all the form field static values are after the space).


      My example is a bit confusing because one of the form fields is actually "emailAddress".


      If anyone can solve this form I'll be forever grateful. Thanks!