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    OBIEE Dynamic (Refresh the dashboard and change the Filter values every 5 minutes)


      Hi guys,


      Can anyone assist with the requirements bellow. The client wants to display this report on a screen or projector and it has to refresh in a specific intervals and the below prompts has to be updated and the report should refresh as well.


      1. We have 3 Filter parameter (Business Unit, Application Type and Channel).
      2. This report has to be refreshed at a specific interval (5 unites for example) and refresh the results.
      3. For example Filter on Scenario 1:
        1. Business Unit = ‘SME'
        2. Application Type = ’New’
        3. Channel = ‘O’
        4. Then refresh the page as usual
      4. Filter on Scenario 2:
        1. Business Unit = ‘SME'
        2. Application Type = ’Add Sim’
        3. Channel = ’T’
      5. Etc.
      6. Attached is the example image.
      7. IMG_4589.jpg