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    Is it possible to upload documents on some places?

    L. Fernigrini

      I opened a thread in the Spanish forum (¿Por qué hay tan pocas preguntas marcadas como resueltas o con comentarios útiles?) some days ago, regarding the low level of activity (both questions and answers) and the huge amount of questions that are not marked as answered, not even a single helpful mark.


      In the thread, one of the reasons we identified is the lack of a FAQ in Spanish, thus many of the posters do not know how and where to post questions. I wanted to start creating a simplified translated version of the community FAQ (FAQ ) , at least starting with the "How to post questions" but someone mentioned that common users cannot upload documents, just Oracle users can.


      After some searching I found this on the FAQ, confirming what was said on the thread:

      How do I share content with a community?


      As of now, you can use these content-sharing options only in private groups or spaces.


      The restriction does seem logic (in order to avoid the upload of any kind of documents) but also seems illogic (since there are missions on the platform like "Documentor in OTN" that give points for uploading documents, something that is not allowed) and also since ot may be a great way to improve the community and also share knowledge.


      I wanted to know if it possible to create / upload documents, having some kind of special authorization or approval process.