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    Oracle Certification - The road to 1Z0-148

    Alexandru Traistaru

      Hello everybody,


      My name is Alex and i'm new here. First of all my main goal is to get the Oracle Database 12c: Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional Certification. For that i know i have to take and pass 1Z0-148, but the road to that is a little fuzzy for me and i hope someone here can ease my mind.


      I don't know if it's relevant but my current knowledge and experience comes from Computer Science University and 4 years working with SQL.


      So, in order to take 1Z0-148 the requirements are:


      Candidate must hold one of these certifications:


      Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate

      Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert

      Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate

      Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional

      Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional


      Or candidate must pass one of these exams:

      Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals | 1Z0-061

      Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL | 1Z0-144


      I found an article from Matthew Morris explaining some stuff about the certifications but still something is missing for me

      A surfeit of SQL: Oracle now offers three tiers of SQL certification - CertMag


      After reading the article i convinced myself that i need to take 1Z0-071 exam but taking this exam will not suffice so i can take 1Z0-148 because i'll need 1Z0-144 in order to get the Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate title first or not because of the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate title ?


      Coming back to the requirements for 1Z0-148 wouldn't it be enough to take 1Z0-061?


      To my understanding i have two options:

      1. If i don't want to get an associate certificate from my first exam i should take 1Z0-061 and then i can take 1Z0-148.

      2. If i want an associate certificate from my first exam (Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate) i should take 1Z0-071 and after that 1Z0-148.


      Both options will surpass the Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate step as it is irrelevant if i get 1Z0-148, correct?


      The main difference between the two options is that with one i get a certificate and with the other i don't (and of course the fee difference that i have to pay).


      Am i missing something? Please tell me if i'm wrong .


      Thank you in advance.