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    server variable




      I am using OBIEE, I am working on a direct database request that references a date presentation variable. I would like to default the presentation variable to a server variable(prior month start date & prior month end date)





      the query is not returning any data but if I replace the server variable with hardcoded dates 2017-12-01 to 2017-12-31 there is output returned. I checked the query log and there is no server variable date being passed. I can view the server variable dates in the rpd so not an issue with the variable


      Is the above syntax incorrect?



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          Robert Angel




          you might want to double check that the connection pool in question has not been blacklisted, I have seen this a number of times where server variables cease to work due to temporary (or permanent) connectivity issues.

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            Robert Angel

            You might also want to try it as a session variable.

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              Thomas Dodds

              You are probably having data type issues between dates and timestamps ... but really if you have to do to_number on a to_char on a to_date then subtract 1900000 from it then you've got other issues ...  USE of information DRIVES physical data model design.  You've got a use for the information, but haven't stored it in such away that it is readily usable.  Best = store dates in date dimension and have facts joined on real date keys; Better = have the variable value already converted to the YYYYDDD number format it seems you have your orderdate in ...