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    oracle weblogic admin console 12c  : assigning users to groups


      Hi ,

      I am trying to set up different security permissions for users  when accessing obiee 12c. I have read about it in various documentations and other discussions, but  for some reason I am running into trouble. I know that when setting up the permissions you have to first assign the user to a group on web logic ( ie: BI_Admin) , and than assign that group to the admin role on enterprise manger in order for the user the inherit admin permissions on BI . However, I am unable to add an user to a new group on weblogic  which is where I am facing a problem. When I click on an user and than the groups tab to assign them , it does not present me with the option to add the user to a group instead it just displays the parent group(s) they already belong to.  Is there away around this or is there another way to assign security permissions to users?


      ** Also as background knowledge OBIEE is configured using Active Directory, which is where it is getting all of the users from.


      Thanks in advance.