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    DB standby with 10g Standard Edition

      Somebody implemented or has something of documentation on as to implement to failover with one bd standby without using Guard Data. In doc of bd doc of the subject (b10822.pdf, b10823.pdf, b14239.pdf and b25159.pdf), but I does not have left if clear it is possible to implement it in Standard Edition, and much except the subject of the licensing. Thanks
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          I'm not sure that I have understood everything you've asked here, but I'll give it a try.

          It is possible to create a standby database using the standard edition. You will have to write some code, however, to replace the functionality that DataGuard provides. You'll need to copy archived log files from the primary to the standby server, instruct the standby server to apply them, resolve any gaps in the logs, perform a failover, etc. Obviously, this implies that you can't implement something akin to DataGuard's maximum protection mode, that you don't get the management benefits of having initialization parameters that control how archived logs get sent to the standby server, that you don't get Enterprise Manager's nice GUI for things, etc.

          As for licensing, I believe that both the primary and standby database would need to be fully licensed in this sort of situation. Of course, talking with your Oracle sales rep tends to be a good idea, since your company/ country/ situation may differ from my assumptions and if there is ever a question about licensing, relying on "some guy on the internet" is a really bad place to be.

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            Justin, thanks for your answer. You have made a similar implementation?
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              Personally, no. I'd much rather work with DataGuard than deal with a bunch of custom scripts, particularly at the moment that you need to fail over, which is going to be stressful enough with code that has been thoroughly tested. Getting that bit right is rather hard.

              Niall Litchfield, though, has a presentation you might be interested in You Probably Don't Need DataGuard

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                Thank you by your time.
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                  I would like to know if there is some documentation about to configure the primary/standby scheme on STANDARD EDITION.
                  I have found enough documentation about like implementing it, but it is not left if they are characteristic of STANDARD EDITION or if they are only available in ENTERPRISE EDITION, as much for shipping and application log.
                  In addition I have another doubt,
                  my primary DB is in DMZ and the standby DB is behind of the firewall. By security policies i can not to initiate the connection from DMZ to standby (the connection would have to be initiated from standby).
                  - exists some way of which the archived is initiated from the standby by means of polling or some other thing?
                  - Is it possible to recover and to apply online redologs instead of archived to the standby database in order to recover the last minute info?

                  Greetings, Diego
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                    Oracle documentation that refers to standby databases almost certainly is talking about DataGuard, which is available only in the enterprise edition. Niall's presentation deals exclusively with the standard edition. If you are looking at documentation other than Oracle's or Niall's, you'd have to post a link for us to know whether it was talking about standard or enterprise edition functionality, but I would tend to wager enterprise.

                    Why would you want your primary and standby databases in different network locations? Wouldn't that sort of defeat the purpose of having a standby database since you couldn't fail over to the standby without a lot of effort?

                    If you are going the standard edition route, you should be able to apply online redo logs if those logs survive the primary system failure and can be moved to the standby database before the failover. If the primary machine catches on fire, you'll lose any redo information that hasn't been sent over to the standby yet. The enterprise edition and DataGuard would allow you to operate in 0 data loss mode.

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                      Thanks for your aid, still in Sunday. :)

                      With respect to having primary and standby databases in different network locations, it has to do with political questions in where this subject is required that it is of that way, anyway still is in discussion and therefore still I maintain hopes...

                      Once I have archived logs in the standby db, for example copying them every 5 minutes, I have some way to apply them automatically, with shell scripts or must make it manual?
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                        If the primary is in the DMZ and the standby is not, that pretty much defeats the purpose. You can't fail over to a standby that your apps can't access (well, you could, it just wouldn't accomplish much). If the goal is something other than failover, you may have better options.

                        You can certainly develop shell scripts that would automatically apply archived log files. Niall has some examples of the sort of scripts you'd need. Of course, you'd also need to manage log gaps, build monitoring for the process, etc.

                        Also, be aware that generating an archived log every 5 minutes on the primary could be a bit of a performance hit.

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                          DB standby with 10g Standard Edition
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                            Ref to your question about Oracle Standard Edition with failover and etc, we used one of the consulting company ( Anbul Technologies www.anbultechnologies.co.uk) they are Oracle Parner. They have a product which provides Automatic Standby in Oracle Standard Edition. We have been running that solution in our prod environment for last 2 years without any issues.

                            If you need more detail feel free to contact me owais_haroon1@yahoo.co.uk or you can visit their website www.anbultechnologies.co.uk
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                              If you still need documentation on setting up standby database in Oracle 10g Standard Edition email me at jtaylor@computrition.com and I will send you what I have put together.
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                                Hello there,
                                I just want to point out that there is a tool that allows you keeping your standby databases in sync. TvdStandby by Trivadis.
                                See http://www.trivadis.com/fileadmin/user_upload/Solutions/Technologieberatung/Admin_Tools/PDF_EN/TvdStandby_070603_en.pdf .
                                Features: support for RAC and ASM, Graceful Switchover, even with ASM. Housekeeping and Monitoring.
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                                  Hi there.
                                  We have a requirement for one of our client to create standby server on 10gR2 under standard edition. Would greatly appreciate if you could email this document to me on pksaini@yahoo.com.
                                  Have a nice weekend.
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                                    Thank to mzarick to talk about our standby solution.
                                    Don't hesitate to contact me if anybody wants informations about TVD-Standby : http://www.trivadis.com/en/produkte/datenbank-tools/tvd-standbytm.html
                                    email : ludovic.dessemon@trivadis.com