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    What is delete mass addition in oracle?

    Vuthy Dara

      Hello guys, i would like to ask you about Oracle Production. I am not sure about this word meaning. I have been capitalized wrong asset to FA oracle module and now i want to delete it. Then i see this word in option but i concern what i think is wrong so I need your help. I already check this word on internet but I still dont understand about this sentence who can explain it more easy: "The Delete Mass Additions program removes mass additions in the DELETE and POSTED queues. It also removes SPLIT parents if the split children have been posted or deleted. The program archives mass additions in the DELETE queue only to an audit trail table, FA_DELETED_MASS_ADDITIONS." 

      - Does it mean all my Fixed Asset in my company will remove after I click it or it will delete only my wrong FA capitalized?


      Note*: My wrong FA Addition not yet transfer to GL module.


      Please reply me back thanks you so much. I need your help in urgent.