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    OBIEE - Visual Analyzer : Ho to display Stacked Bar Graph totals on top of the each stacked bar.


      I am using Oracle Business Intelligence Product Version (Build BIPS-20160923092103 64-bit) Issue is with the  Visual Analyzer Stacked Bar Graph Totals. I have created a Stacked Bar graph visualization with the 3 columns such as  Month (X Axis), Sales (Y Axis) and Product (Color - Group by).  There are 2 products hence my stacked view is showing 2 colours in the stacked bar for each month.  I am able to show the Data labels for the product wise in the middle of each colour, how ever the totals of 2 products are not showing. We need to display the Total of those 2 products at the top of the stacked bar. How do we do it in the OBIEE Visual Analyzer.  Refer the red color TOTALS in the attached.


      NOTE:   This issue is fixed in the Oracle Data Visualization Desktop tool, When we keep "Data Values"= On then automatically all data values for products and total also displaying at the top of the stacked , however this is not working in the Oracle BI VA.   Please suggest if any alternatives for VA. Thanks