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    EBS 12.2.4 - Inactive sessions


      Hi Experts,


      In our environment, we have 3-node apps tier with shared file system and 1-node DB tier. Each apps node having 4-oacore and 2-form managed servers.So total 12-oacores and 6-formservers.

      DB having the sessions limit of 3000 connections.


      So we are facing an issue with maximum exceeded process on DB tier after EBS application re-start of 7-days. So we frequently following the application re-starts for a week.

      Since DB is 1-node and Non-RAC we cannot increase the number sessions. So are there any possible advises to avoid the connections to reach threshold value.


      here below are few queries:


      1) Can we kill the inactive "JDBC Thin Client" process which having no "SQL_ID" ??

      2) is it advisable to reduce the Maximum Capacity of datasource ??


      Env details:

      EBS: 12.2.4 with AD/TXK Delta-9


      OS: RHEL 6.5 x86_64