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    Funny behavior of DBUA GUI


      This isn't really a question of installation or upgrade, per se, but it seems that this might be the best bet for someone with some insight to the issue.


      I’ve started noticing something strange when running 12.1 DBUA.


      Host OS:

      oracle:listener$ uname -a

      Linux myserver.myorg.org 3.8.13-44.1.1.el6uek.x86_64 #2 SMP Wed Sep 10 06:10:25 PDT 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux





      Connecting to server with putty, with x11 port forwarding enabled.  x-server on workstation is xming



      Now the issue ..

      While OUI is running I do work on other things. When I come back to the OUI window, it looks like this:



      I have to drag it to the right to get it to re-draw the blanked area to the right, and drag it up to re-draw the blank area at the bottom.  And how much gets redrawn seems to be related to how far I drag it.  If I drag the window over to my secondary screen it doesn’t refresh at all until I drag it back to the primary.


      While symptoms are not identical and the desktop is a different OS, this has hints of possibly being related to the behavior I reported at https://community.oracle.com/thread/3992606. In that thread (or similar posted to the Ubuntu forums) it was suggested that perhaps an issue with Java and the video drivers.  To that end, I just checked programs installed on this Windows workstation and see only Java 8, Update 161, installed just 2 days ago.   I am unable to confirm or deny that this problem did or did not exist prior to that.  I am unable to confirm what version/update I had prior, but looking at a co-worker's workstation, she has Java 8, update 151, so if I had to guess, it would be that.  Our network guy confirmed that he is rolling out update 161 in phases.  He also stated "Oracle has implemented this new feature where Java 8 has an expiration date. So on Feb 16, 2018, the JRE 8 Update 151 will stop working in <a couple of 3d-party corp-wide apps>.


      I've also noticed similar behavior running the CC 13 installer, but it definitely predates that latest Java update.


      Thoughts? Observations? Opinions?

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          Another thing I just noticed that looks like it could be related, or another manifestation of the same underlying problem ...


          Running OUI (runInstaller.sh), when it gets to the point of popping up another window telling you to run two scripts as root .. I used to be able to select and copy those file names out of the window and paste them into my putty command prompt. No more. Now I have to re-type the names.