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    EMC Unity Storage for Solaris Cluster 4.3, how many nodes in the cluster is allowed ?


      Hi Everyone,


      Recently we installed EMC Unity650F flash storage, and it would provision LUNs for our Solaris server configured with Solaris Cluster 4.3. In this cluster, there are 8 nodes (8 virtual machines which reside in 2 physical machines).


      We created clustered UFS filesystem from the LUNs provisioned by the EMC flash storage, but we noticed the filesystem's performance (IOPS and I/O throughput, etc.) is very bad.


      I noticed this document "ORACLE SOLARIS CLUSTER INTEROPERABILITY MATRIX", which is regarding technical facts how EMC storage interacts with Solaris Cluster 4.3:



      First off, I noticed that Unity650F is not in the list. I think there is a possibility that since it's a new model, it might not be immediately reflected in the document yet. I will double check with EMC engineer.


      But what really confused me is this column "Maximum Number Of Nodes", which is 6 in the document. Here if this value means the total number of nodes in a Solaris Cluster (v4.3), which the EMC storage could inter-operate with, this number sounds too small.


      I am curious what's the exact meaning of "Maximum Number Of Nodes" in the document ?


      I really appreciate your prompt reply !