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    Solaris 11.4 Beta: which graphic cards are supported

    Andrew Watkins

      A quick question, but how can you find out which graphic cards are officially support in Solaris 11.4.


      Can not find a web page or a nvidia package with the information I am after.





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          Glenn F

          See Alan Coopersmth’s recent posting about End of Feature Notices. Under the devices heading there is the following summary.




          Legacy version 304.xx of the NVIDIA Graphics Driver. Instead, either upgrade to a graphics card supported by a newer version of the NVIDIA driver, or migrate to the X.Org VESA driver without hardware acceleration. See Support timeframes for Unix legacy GPU releases for NVIDIA's support lifetimes and supported GPUs for each driver version.



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            For Nvidia graphics cards, go to NVIDIA: Unix Drivers, click on a version, and on the page for that version, go to the "Supported Products Tab".


            As Glenn noted, the 304.xx driver was end-of-lifed by Nvidia at the end of 2017 so will be removed soon, so you'll want something supported by the 340.xx or newer drivers.


            The Oracle Hardware Compatibility List should be updated after the GA release for other cards - in the meantime, look for models which don't require a Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) driver for Xorg support, unless it's a Haswell or earlier Intel GPU, for which we do have a KMS/DRM driver in the kernel.


            If you're going to use this as a desktop for regular use, not just occasional system administration, you'll be happiest with a card supported by Nvidia's accelerated driver though, given the heavier OpenGL & GPU usage of GNOME 3 compared to earlier GNOME releases.