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    ORA-01403: no data found in form personalization on seeded LOV


      Hi All,


      Oracle Apps R12.1.3


      I have Project , Templates form and we need to display only Submitted , Approved Project Status value only, not needed rest of the values.


      I am able to see only these values.

      Here is the setup.


      Record group


      SELECT project_status_name,  NULL project_status_code, NULL project_system_status_code

        FROM pa_project_statuses

      WHERE project_system_status_code in('SUBMITTED', 'APPROVED')

         AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN NVL (start_date_active, TRUNC (SYSDATE))

                                 AND NVL (end_date_active, TRUNC (SYSDATE))

         AND status_type = 'PROJECT'

      Note: PROJECT_STATUSES_CHANGE LOV is calling from the Change Status Button.


      I am not getting any error and not firing.


      I am getting above error when i select Submitted.

      Can you please help me?