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    Installing OBIEE


      Good afternoon!

      I'm trying to install the version of OBII EE 12c (

      System configuration:

      Before install OBI EE 12c, on this sistem deleting old version BI EE 11g (11.1.7...): deleting catalog, RPD, reestr keys, programm files etc...(by oracle manual)

      OS: Windows server 2012R2 standart edition (upgrading from win server 2008 R2 SE).

      Database: Oracle

      Memory: 32GB

      HDD: 300GB.

      BI_PRODUCT_HOME: D:\BI12C\bi

      JAVA: jdk-8u131-windows-x64

      The entire installation is successful and stops at the starting presentation server:


      Failure to start one or more ManagedServers and or Components

      Failed to start one or more Servers

      Status of Domain: D:\BI12C\bi\bin\..\..\user_projects\domains\bi

      NodeManager (NRS:9506): RUNNING


      Name            Type            Machine                   Status        

      ----            ----            -------                   ------        

      AdminServer     Server          NRS                     RUNNING       

      bi_server1        Server           nrs                       RUNNING       

      obips1             OBIPS            nrs                      SHUTDOWN      

      obijh1              OBIJH            nrs                       RUNNING       

      obiccs1           OBICCS         nrs                       RUNNING       

      obisch1           OBISCH         nrs                       RUNNING       

      obis1              OBIS               nrs                       RUNNING   



      NMProcess: INFO: ORACLE_BI_SECURITY_SOAP_URLS: http://nrs.ibrae:9505/bi-security/service

      Received error message from Node Manager Server: [Server start command for OBIPS server 'obips1' failed due to: [Server failed to start up but Node Manager was not aware of reason]. Please check Node Manager log and/or server 'obips1' log for detailed information.].



      <09.02.2018 16:55:33 MSK> <INFO> <NodeManager ComponentManager> <pre[34]=DERBY_OPTS="-Dderby.system.home=D:\BI12C\bi\bin\..\..\user_projects\domains\bi\common\db">

      [Util Logger] Exception occurred:Severity:1 Type:class saw::Exception const * __ptr64  File:project/webcomm/dnsutils.cpp Line:152 Message:Unable to resolve the address for nrs.

      Запрошенное имя верно, но данные запрошенного типа не найдены.

      <09.02.2018 16:55:33 MSK> <INFO> <NodeManager ComponentManager> <The server 'obips1' with process id 5248 is no longer alive; waiting for the process to die.>


      I try to install 3-4 times.... and with version BI EE 12c ( the situation is similar (other errors).



      can OBIEE12c not like that Windows 2012R2 has been updated since 2008R2?
      Or somewhere in the system there are traces of BI EE 11g?
      I'll be very happy for any ideas !!